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Complete your grocery shopping in just a few minutes. It is easier than you might think!

No more queue waiting for payment No more shopping with grumpy spouse, running kids and crying babies.

Our dedication to customers

We are dedicated to serve and care for our customers and in doing so creating a delightful shopping experience for everyone. You can sit back and relax with a cuppa while shopping online, be it by yourself or with your love ones. Shopping for your household groceries will no longer be a chore and it can be fun.

Online grocery shopping is quick and easy.

In an ever fast moving world, people are getting busier and hope to spend more time with their family or on their leisure activities. In every household, we need groceries as part of our daily lives. Grocery shopping is a routine job for most families; we usually take 1-2 hours to shop, if you need to drive to the supermarket it may take 3-4 hours. So some even called it a chore!

Buy groceries anytime you want, even in your pyjamas.

You can simply do your grocery shopping from wherever you have internet access, anywhere anytime. We provide a wonderful convenience of getting what you want, when you want it. It is a new way to shop for groceries every week and certainly, we hope, will make life happier for everyone who shops with us.

Save money, save time with us.

At, we work towards money and time saving for you and your family. We retail online and our operation cost are much lower than physical supermarkets. So, we can offer customers more attractive prices when come to shopping with us. What’s more, you save on car park fees and save energy on carry heavy shopping bags. Online shopping also help you save time, so you can spend more quality time with your love ones.

We go an extra mile for you.

Online grocery is also helpful for families whom family members are home bound. If you have elderly parents at home who need special care around the clock, you may find it hard to do your grocery shopping. If wheeled-chair bound find getting around a little tough, not to mention the loads of bags you need to carry. If you are a new mum on confinement, you are preferred to stay home. We like to extend our services to you.

Manage your shopping.

We invest in auto-mated system to help you budget and manage your shopping. There will be a trolley calculator so you can shop and view your total purchases instantly. In your account, you can retrieve past orders and buy the same items again, create a list in advance so you can remind yourself what to buy. This is especially helpful if you are planning for a party or event celebrations. You may retrieve this list at your next visit to complete your order anytime you like.

Leave the rest to us!

You may wonder how and who will process your order. Your purchases are handled by our fully trained personal shoppers and ever-friendly delivery team. Our personal shopper will hand pick customers order while our delivery angel help customers with their shopping load and delivers them to home. We are professionally trained and always attentive to your needs or requests. At all time, we promise to deliver fresh and high quality products to your home every time. We take special care to look after your order and realize how important it is to you.

Our Mission

To provide all-natural products that make a positive difference to the health of our consumers

Our Vision

To deliver high-quality health supplements that help people lead healthier, happier and longer lives

An unwavering track record

Over the years, we have established a strong reputation in the Singapore health industry for our product efficacy and stringent quality assurance. Testament of our success, we have amassed an impressive sales record as well as positive feedback, recommendations and testimonials on the effectiveness of our products.

A commitment to quality

Our success stems from our dedication to caring for and catering to the health needs of our consumers. That’s why from selection to production, we take great care in ensuring that all our ingredients are natural and produced in strict accordance to the most stringent quality standards. All our products are assessed in clinical trials and tested before being approved for marketing. In doing so, we provide consumers with the assurance that all our products are natural, healthy and safe.


From libido to male health, Vitroman uses the best of scientific research and natural ingredients to help men around the world achieve peak health and performance.


Inspired by the healing powers of nature, Root King uses advanced extraction techniques to offer a range of natural, healthy supplements.


With the belief that true beauty comes from within, Miri has been helping women to naturally achieve both inner and outer beauty.


Developed from a deep understanding of TCM, Quan Wei combines scientific expertise with medicinal knowledge to promote strong and healthy bones.