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Giving you bright and healthy eyes

Legend has it that after the British Royal Air Force pilots had bilberry jam for tea, their night vision was enhanced by the inky blue fruit and they bombed their enemies during WWII with devastating accuracy. While the legend has never been confirmed, the bilberry continues to be a subject of affection for its abundance of powerful antioxidant and natural bioflavonoid complexes called Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC), which support healthy eye health. Made from bilberry extract, Root King Eye Care not only helps you maintain healthy eyes, but also delays and prevents eye problems and diseases.

Benefits of Root King Eye Care

  • Supports healthy intraocular pressure
  • Maintains healthy eyes and eyesight
  • Clears and sharpens vision
  • Fortifies wall of blood vessels

Recommended dosage
Consume twice daily, 1–2 capsules each time.


SGD $ 48.00