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Natural Brazilian Viagra

Made from the native Brazilian herb “Catuaba” (scientific name, Trichilia catigua), Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba is an all-natural male enhancement supplement designed to heighten sexual arousal and boost male sexual performance. Known all over the world as the Brazilian Viagra and nature’s aphrodisiac, Catuaba is widely used in the treatment of fatigue, insomnia, hypochondria, impotence, erectile dysfunction and sciatica.

Besides supporting a healthy libido, the herb’s bark is well-known for its uncommon antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities. Recent studies show that Catuaba extract can also strengthen blood cells and help fight off pathogens, including the HIV virus by inhibiting the cells’ absorption of HIV. 

Benefits of Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba

  • Bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections
  • Increased desire and sexual function
  • Improved energy levels and sex drive
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Enhanced energy and immunity

Recommended dosage
Twice daily, 2–3 capsules each time. Take regularly for better results.


SGD $ 60.00