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Putting a pause on menopause

As women age, their body’s production of estrogen declines naturally. This, in turn, leads to the onset of menopause and perimenopausal symptoms of hot flashes, insomnia and mood changes, as well as post-menopausal osteoporosis and vaginal atrophy. 

Miri Feminine Essence is a winning combination of natural ingredients designed to provide nutritional support through all stages of menopause. Containing phyto-estrogenic and balancing properties, this all-natural supplement promotes estrogen production for overall feminine wellness.

Benefits of Miri Feminine Essence

  • Relieves menopausal symptoms
  • Reduces fine lines and skin and vaginal dryness
  • Maintains bone density
  • Improves breast fullness and firmness
  • Promotes cardiovascular and bone health

Recommended dosage
Consume 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night.


SGD $ 58.00