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Superfood for your libido

Made from the Incan superfood Maca (or Peruvian ginseng), Vitroman Maca helps enliven your libido, promote sexual prowess and enhance your intimate experiences. An ancient herb known for its ability to boost sexual health, Maca has been consumed by the Incas to increase endurance, energy and sexual function for thousands of years. Besides supporting a healthy sex drive, Maca improves blood circulation and raises sperm count and mobility for better male fertility.

Containing a rich source of vitamin, protein, amino acids and minerals including iron, magnesium calcium, potassium and iodine, this nutritional root vegetable is also essential to maintaining healthy natural muscle growth, energy and stamina.

Benefits of Vitroman Maca

  • Higher sex drive and libido
  • Improved sperm count, motility and fertility
  • Reduced sexual dysfunction
  • Enhanced athletic performance and stamina
  • Better immunity
  • Increased concentration, memory and learning

Recommended dosage
Twice daily, 2–3 capsules each time. Take regularly for better results.


SGD $ 60.00