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RootKing FX Calcium

RootKing FX Calcium

RootKing FX Calcium (90+30 capsules)
  • Does not cause upsetting to sensitive stomachs
  • Breaks down & absorption in the small intestine
  • No constipation worry
  • Does not interact with medications
Yum PriceS$48.00
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  • Keep bone strong
  • Support joint flexible & mobile
  • Can be taken anytime
  • Improve nerve conduction
  • Support fat metabolism
  • Aid healthy cardiovascular system
High absorption rate due to improved formula, unlike other calcium products FX Calcium contain lactose, lecithin & collagen. Due to the perfect combination between collagen & calcium, FX Calcium can support bone & joint at same time.
Maintain healthy lipid level due to lecithin that supports fat transportation and fat metabolism. Lactose act to bind the ingredients together to promote digestion & absorption of calcium & other mineral. With natural ingredient , users are no more afraid of drawback of taking calcium but benefit its advantages.

How to use

Take twice daily, 1 to 2 capsules each time. For higher calcium intake: Take twice daily, 2 capsules each time.

Packing size

90 capsules + 30 capsules extra