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Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Fragrance) 360ml
Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Fragrance) 360ml
Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Fragrance) 360ml

Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Fragrance) 360ml

Yanagiya Hair Tonic (fragrance) 360ml ( New Formulas)

Hair treatment
  • With natural organic plants
  • Extract and refreshing sensation
Made in Japan

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With natural organic plants extract and refreshing sensation,
  • Hair loss is prevented.
  • Scalp is moisturized.
  • Hair growth is stimulated.
  • Itch is prevented.
  • Dandruff is prevented.
The New Yanagiya Hair Tonic (Fragrance) improved formula contains several essential essences extracted from natural organic plants like herbs, vital for the health of hair and scalp, preventing hair thinning, early hair fall and breakage. An increase of blood circulation to the hair follicle is triggered resulting in the eventual hair regeneration.
  1. Long-confidence, medicinal hair growth tonic
  2. 50 years to be loved, and long-trusted brand. To maintain healthy hair and strong youthful, can be used to clean your continued generous to the scalp daily.

  3. In extracts of medicinal herb seeds and promoting hair growth prevent hair loss
  4. Crude extracts of the three ingredients and promotes the hair follicles to prevent hair loss penetrate. Herb extracts: herbal extract Ginseng extract bitter survival extract three assembly extract.

  5. Sustained an exhilarating experience and prevents dandruff itch
  6. Skip tightening and refreshing scalp and long lasting cooling sensation. It also prevents hair loss that causes dandruff itch to keep the scalp clean.

By activating the hair papilla hair matrix cells medicinal, to facilitate the generation of new hair and prevent hair loss and hair growth thicker.
Firming and invigorating scalp skip, cooling sensation that lasts.
Penetrates the hair root and herb ingredients of medicinal species, promotes hair growth prevent hair loss.
Ingredients of herbal medicine and herbal extracts keeps the scalp clean. Extract of bitter ginseng extract three assembly and prevents dandruff and hair loss causes itching.

2 to 3 times ~ appropriate amount of rub on the scalp, massage well
If you use after shampooing, please use your good wipe dry

Please note
  • When the scalp is abnormal, please stop using
  • Be careful not to poke around the eye
  • If it enters your eyes, please rinse with lukewarm water immediately
  • Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool dry place
  • After use, please close the cap properly

Hair growth, hair nourishment, promotiong hair growth, dandruff, itching, hair loss, hair loss prevention

Active ingredients
Dipotassium glycyrrhizin, vitamin E, I-menthol

Specified component
Tocopheryl acetate, france, 1 blue, 4 yellow

Manufactured in Japan
Distributed in Singapore