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Green Tag Scheme


YumTrade Green Tag Scheme

Yumtrade Green Tag Scheme was established with the notion of creating a greener environment in mind. Our first stepping stone in this scheme will be trying to at least significantly reduce, if not stop, the usage of plastic bags. Therefore, our delivery operations have decided to use a more conservative method of bringing your grocery products to your doorstep without any loss in efficiency.

As our company repeatedly keeps emphasising on the win-win situation that we have established with our customer base, Yumtrade Green Tag Scheme will be no different from this important policy of ours.

Therefore, the scheme will not be without its rewards. We have decided to of subsidising 1% of your total purchase for your unfailing support in our scheme. In this way, a win-win situation will be ensured for both parties. Yumtrade and its customers will be able to go the extra mile in helping to preserve our long-suffering Earth and hinder the adverse effects of pollution. Besides that, customers still get to enjoy the short-term monetary benefits together with the long-term feeling of satisfaction of doing their part for our dear Earth.


With the increasing awareness of our planet's environmental degradation/deterioration, we have to make the first step of being environmentally-conscious in our bid towards a more Nature-friendly society by reducing the adverse impact of our not-so green pollutive activities. Hence, let us start small by not utilising plastic bags for the delivery service to try and save our Earth both environmentally and ecologically.

Whoever wish to follow "YumTrade Green Tag Scheme", you are appreciated and most welcome to share/use our scheme. If so, please contact us by writing to contact@yumtrade.com.

Let us take the first step together and work hand in hand to make the Yumtrade Green Tag Scheme a successful reality today!