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Our History

Established in 2004, The Beauty Nation Pte Ltd is a Singapore-owned producer of health products specialising in natural food supplements, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. With a commitment to uphold “the origins of natural and healthy living”, we follow the historical path of traditional remedies to discover and develop innovative products formulated from natural ingredients. Working closely with health experts and plant chemists, we conduct clinical studies and R&D on various herbs before using modern extraction technology to retain their active components for health and beauty applications. Backed by a strong team of Directors, Sales personnel and administrators, we uphold the concept of natural healing to improve the health and lives of our consumers.

Our Mission

To provide all-natural products that make a positive difference to the health of our consumers

Our Vision

To deliver high-quality health supplements that help people lead healthier, happier and longer lives

An unwavering track record

Over the years, we have established a strong reputation in the Singapore health industry for our product efficacy and stringent quality assurance. Testament of our success, we have amassed an impressive sales record as well as positive feedback, recommendations and testimonials on the effectiveness of our products.

A commitment to quality

Our success stems from our dedication to caring for and catering to the health needs of our consumers. That’s why from selection to production, we take great care in ensuring that all our ingredients are natural and produced in strict accordance to the most stringent quality standards. All our products are assessed in clinical trials and tested before being approved for marketing. In doing so, we provide consumers with the assurance that all our products are natural, healthy and safe.


From libido to male health, Vitroman uses the best of scientific research and natural ingredients to help men around the world achieve peak health and performance.


Inspired by the healing powers of nature, Root King uses advanced extraction techniques to offer a range of natural, healthy supplements.


With the belief that true beauty comes from within, Miri has been helping women to naturally achieve both inner and outer beauty.


Developed from a deep understanding of TCM, Quan Wei combines scientific expertise with medicinal knowledge to promote strong and healthy bones.